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ForensicBlock - Write Blocker

Software Write Blocker for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

Designed by Computer Forensic Professionals

Who Are We?

After many years in the computer forensics trenches working with various tools that are always expensive and not always deliver what they promise we decided at Axiana Technologies to develop our own specialized tools. We have a simple mission: to provide computer forensics professionals with the best possible technology for their practise at affordable prices. We measure the value of our technology solely by how it benefits the computer forensics community and makes you a better professional.

Who Are We For?

Our primary focus is to help all of you who are involved in the collection, examination and analysis of digital evidence. We can help you with tools such as the ForensicBlock to become more efficient and flexible in handling digital evidence and therefore make your life easier. You are on of us and we will listen and treat you as such.

Help Us to Help You

We are always open to your suggestions on how we can improve our products or if you any new ideas that can help improve your day today tasks.

Please email your suggestions to: suggestions at forensicblock.com

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About Us  

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ForensicBlock Software Write Blocker is a product of Axiana Technologies - Morristown, New Jersey, USA